About Pam

Glass provides endless opportunities to compose simple yet elegant designs. My focus is to create jewelry and objects for the home and garden that reflect harmony with nature, and the occasional sly sense of humor. I enjoy the challenge of this highly complex medium, which requires substantial technical skill yet, at the same time, is capricious and fluid.

Each piece is handmade in my studio in Reno, Nevada. I use several glassmaking techniques including lampworking using a torch, kiln firing, and coldworking for grinding and polishing. Several of these techniques are often combined to form each piece.

I also spend as much time as possible on a small island in the Caribbean, Little Cayman, where I maintain a small glassworking studio. An avid scuba diver, I take inspiration from the sea creatures that thrive on the reef.

My father and grandfather were woodworkers and I always thought I would pick up that skill after leaving the corporate world. But then I saw some beautiful glass in a San Francisco gallery and became aware of the emerging art glass movement in the United States. Glass captured my spirit instantly so I took a couple classes and set up a small working area in my mother-in-law’s garage. As my skill level expanded and I needed more equipment to support new techniques I finally set up a studio at home.

In the last couple of years I have expanded my jewelry to include silversmithing. Always a tool junkie, I now have a jeweler’s bench and the equipment to create silver and gemstone earrings, rings, pendants and other exciting things.

I am constantly learning; experimenting, refining my skills and expanding my techniques. I look forward to a lifelong relationship enjoying the magic of glassmaking and silversmithing.

Whether it’s an elegant necklace to wear out to dinner, a bowl for your favorite guacamole or a vase for what’s blooming in your yard right now, my functional art is meant to be part of your life.